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Recovery Hints

Perhaps you are very active normally, but this is the week to just let your get yourself fixed!

Many clients worry about how they are going to eat. Plan on buying straws to drink with. Prepare meals that you can eat with a fork or bring to your mouth with your hand

- this is not the time for soup. There is no sense sticking food up through a hole either; if you are sitting at a table and looking down at your food then you are in the right position.

Talking books, a tablet, or a two mirror system to watch TV, such as the vitrectomy mirror or prism glasses, will go a long way to pass the time. Believe me, you are not going to be playing cards or wanting any social calls, but having something that occupies your brain, and that you can do quietly and by yourself, makes it much easier to hold the position required for a longer time. This might be a good time to pick up playing Soduku! Reading, if you are permitted, and puzzles can be done without the equipment. Place the material on the table or on your lap and look down at it. Voila! You are in the right position! Climb onto the seated support when you tire of that and take a little snooze.

And then there is sleeping...the worst of all. Ask anyone who has done this. We are not used to sleeping in one position all night long. I would venture to say it can't be done. Normally we move around through the night. No one sleeps flat on their belly with their face down in a pillow, certainly not for very long. The sleeping support offered at KCS allows you a very large breathing channel by extending off the edge of your bed, however, you can only have your face pressed completely down on anything, even a pillow, for so long. Looking straight down to the floor while prone on your belly is the ideal position, but you may need to take a break and give your cheeks a rest too. When this happens, the next best option is to lay on the OPPOSITE side of the surgical eye and turn your head as far down to the OPPOSITE shoulder as you can. i.e., if you had surgery on your right eye then you should lay on your left side and turn your head to your left shoulder.

One more thing...please be safe. If you need to look ahead to get into and out of chairs and beds, or up and down stairs etc. DO SO! Lifting your head for a few seconds to move safely is not going to ruin everything. Once you have taken the brief time to get where you need to go, resume the correct position and let that bubble get back to work for you..

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