• Toni Kelly

Why should you choose Kelly Comfort (KCS) for your recovery equipment?

Updated: Jul 21

A word about Covid 19. My equipment has always been kept clean and sanitized, going through an entire process between rentals to ensure your safety. The biggest change in the process I have made is to spray all items completely with Lysol disinfectant before I start processing them in. Once return inspection is complete, the cleaning process begins. Cleaning includes bleaching of cotton linens, wiping all surfaces with disposable sanitizing sheets, allowing those surfaces to air dry and a final spray of Lysol.


Kelly Comfort Solutions (KCS) rental products are chosen for their versatility. They are easily adjusted to fit many different body types. Customization of equipment is made where needed.

All equipment is maintained to my utmost standards. Equipment is repaired or replaced as often as necessary to keep to those standards. Normal wear and tear is expected, but we strive to minimize any signs of it.


There is no substitute for experience. I had 14 years of clinical ophthalmic experience prior to opening KCS in 2003. I've had a passion for understanding the anatomy and disease of the eye ever since my initial exposure to ophthalmology. I am particularly, maybe obsessively, interested in retinal disease and its treatments.


I am truly here to help you. It goes back to the days of forming bonds with patients with whom I interacted - more frequently than they would have ever wished - as they went through what you are going through.