• Toni Kelly

What exactly are they filling my eye with?

Updated: Apr 16

Most macular hole and retinal detachment repairs use a gas to fill the eye which provides gentle pressure on the retina. There are two types of gas that may be used: SF6 gas is the shorter in duration, lasting about one month, and is the most frequently used. C3F8 is longer in duration, lasting about two months, and may be used for repeat or complex surgeries. Your doctor will determine which gas is best for your situation. Over time the gas is absorbed by the body and is replaced by aqueous humor which is naturally produced by the eye.

Less frequently, silicone oil, a clear, viscous fluid, may be used. The advantages of using oil include less positioning time and a faster visual recovery, but unlike the gases that are more frequently used, oil does not get absorbed by the body and requires a second surgery to remove it.