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What equipment do you need?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

The viewpoint of many insurances is none; Medicare considers vitrectomy equipment not medically necessary. Other insurances have policies citing studies that show there IS an increase in successful outcome percentages when positioning equipment is used. There are those who do manage to get through with no equipment at all and still have successful surgery results. All items offered at Kelly Comfort are designed to give relief to the great strain placed on the neck, back, and shoulder muscles, either through support of the head using the seated support or bed support, or providing distraction from the misery by using the vitrectomy mirror or prism glasses. It makes sense that you would be able to maintain the optimal positioning with effective support, however, not everyone needs everything. Perhaps you have great concerns about pre-existing conditions. Back issues or how to position your legs when you have had knee or hip replacement are legitimate concerns. Our seated support offers removable shin pads to allow for more leg positioning options. This feature allows the feet to be placed flat on the floor rather than tucked under you. If your vision is poor in the non-surgical eye the mirror and prism glasses will not offer much help. We are here to help you understand which items will more likely help you and your particular circumstances.

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