Rental Pricing

       Effective April 2018

The following rentals include round trip shipping  and are PICKED UP FROM YOUR HOME!   You do not have to transport bulky boxes to a shipping facility. West coast customers and rural addresses may incur additional charge.

Sleep Support Package      Up to 8 days: $159 then $8/day

Bed support, prism glasses, mirror and cotton face pad cover.


Complete Package              Up to 8 days: $199 then $20/day

Seated support, bed support, prism glasses, mirror and cotton face pad covers.

Maximum Package              Up to 8 days: $299 then $20/day  


Seated support, bed support, bed armrest, prism glasses, mirror, Mobile Support, Biofreeze and cotton face pad covers.


The following rentals DO NOT include return shipping.


3 Day Support Package      $125 then $10/day

Bed support, prism glasses, mirror and cotton face pad cover.


Forward Viewing Package      Up to 8 days: $55 then $5/day

Prism glasses and mirror.


Available for Purchase

 Various shipping options available.


Mobile Support                   $ 34.95     

Prism Glasses                    $ 175.50

Biofreeze                            $ 14.95

Rentals & Shipping Policies

Rentals will be shipped to and picked up from your home.  Rural addresses and West Coast locations may incur additional charge. Whenever possible, your rental is shipped in advance of your surgery and will arrive two business days before your surgery date to allow you time to become familiar with and set up the equipment; however, your equipment is not guaranteed to be there more than one day before your surgery date.  Your rental does not begin until the day of your surgery. Rentals do have a one week minimum but can be extended on a day to day basis. By reserving equipment and securing the shipping date you agree to be billed for all costs incurred by KCS once items are shipped.   Once equipment is shipped refunds are at the discretion of KCS.  

Equipment Pickup

We will arrange your pick up for you. Equipment will be picked up from your home the day after you call to end the rental unless other arrangements are made.   If applicable, rental extensions charges will be applied to credit card on file .

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. Checks are accepted if received in advance of shipment.