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Recovery from vitrectomy surgery using gas or oil to repair a macular hole, retinal detachment or other retinal issue is grueling.  The face down position is difficult to maintain – your neck, your back, your shoulders – all suffer from the strain of holding your head in a position you are unaccustomed to maintaining.  Your head weighs about 10 pounds!  Kelly Comfort  has a number of products designed to support the weight of your head and help relieve the strain of maintaining proper positioning. 


Maintaining proper positioning is easier when the brain is occupied. We offer items designed to allow you to do something besides looking at your toes!  Our own  TV Glasses (a Kelly Comfort exclusive) and the Vitrectomy Mirror allow you to see things in front of you WHILE YOU ARE FACE DOWN.  TV, friends, family – all can be seen with these items. 


We also offer the Mobile Support, another Kelly Comfort exclusive.  The Mobile Support was designed for use when traveling back and forth from surgery and follow up appointments but most of our customers use them at home as well.  It pairs very well with our Prism Glasses.

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more specific information regarding macular holes and retinal detachments– the most common retinal problems requiring this type of surgery.

Insurance questions may be answered here. Please scroll to bottom of the page.

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